15+ Best WordPress Slider Plugins

In this collection we are listing Top 15+ WordPress Plugins for image sliders. We have discussed the key features, similarities and differences among different slider plugins currenlty available. All of them are nice and easy to use. However, some differences arises by the way they interact with users and solve their problems. You can also download them from here, by visiting the link followed after each description.


GPP Slideshow

The GPP slideshow WordPress Plugin allows you to create minimal image slideshows. The slideshows are created using the new gallery post type or using WP’s built in short codes on Posts and Pages.

gpp slideshow

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Lightbox Plugin- WordPress Image slider

Its a very beautiful plugin for managing images into the slider on any WordPress blog or website. With Lightbox plugin, it is very easy for admin to manage any number of images on the image slider.

The admin can very easily add or delete the slider images, even the admin can preview the slider before adding it to the blog. They can add links to the lightbox images.


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Smart Slider 2 WordPress Plugin

Smart slider 2 is all-in-one responsive WP image slider. It is very easy to use. It has a very interactive interface so any one can design beautiful silders in minute.


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Super 7

Its a responsive WP image slider plugin. One of the complete image sliders, it is built-in latest WP and is compatible to all the devices.

Key features of Super 7 plugin are : unlimited slides, unlimited captions, Html5 & CSS 3 support, image preview support, customizable width and length, lightbox support, touch device support, bullet support, automation support, keyboard navigation, mouse swipe navigation etc.

super 7

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Easy WordPress Parallax Slider

It is the easiest parallax slider using CSS3 and jQuery. It helps you to create unlimited parallax slider with required customized setting for each different slider.

Main features of Easy WordPress Parallax slider are : Drag and Drop, touch enabled sliders for mobiles, multiple sliders, flexible CSS, support for custom classes etc. You can upload images with WordPress media uploader and can customize the navigation and page colors.

easy wordpress parallax slider

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Circular Slider

With Circular slider you can create your own slideshow with circles and can use it to rotate images and photos from your blog or brand.

Key features of WP Circular slider are : create as many slides as you want, 15+ fancy animations available, responsive slider, circle size also responsive, works on almost all latest internet browsers, you can have widget integration.

circular slider

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jQuery Slider Carsousel

The plugin is entirely written in jQuery. It creates slider with post thumbnails on posts configured for particular category.

jQuery slider carsousel plugin can be integrated anywhere in your website/blog. It is genrally used to show some chosen articles from a particular category.


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Infinite Slider

Infinite Slider is an innovative slider Plugin for WordPress. It is genrally a good choice for travel websites, auto dealer websites, gastro portals, fashion pages, real estate websites etc.


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Polaroid slider

It mimics old-style polaroid photos. The slider is built using CSS3 and jQuery.

Key features of Polaroid Slider for WP are : easy to use, friendly interface, customizable slider animations, built in WP media uploader is used for images, responsive width, autoplay options, 50+ slider and slides options.


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Nivo slider

Its the most beautiful and easy to use slider in the market. Nivo slider has beautiful transition effects on your gallery of images.

Key features of Nivo Slider : open source free to use, small semantic & responsive, slider options available, slider themes, media manager plus integration.


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Lush Content Slider for WordPress

Its a flexible content slider using CSS3 native transition and animations. It uses latest browser features with losing the old browser functionalities. Lush content slider for WP comes with an integrated visual builder to easy create your slider with a Drag & Drop interface and many tools to facilitate your work.

Key fetaures of Lush : built-in builder, fully responsiveness, effects builer, 50+ kinds of animations available, carousel slider, unlimited sliders, powered by jQuery, SEO friendly, keyboard naviagation, auto start etc.


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Slider Evolution for WordPress

Its a jQuery plugin  which helps you to create powerful javascript sliders. You can create unlimited number of sliders with beautiful transition effects.

slider evolution

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Mega Slider

Its a responsive slider plugin. You can add text, images and videos to your slider.

Key features are : toch navigation, multiple transition effects, different effects for each object, cross browser support, preload images etc.

mega slider

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Pop Out Panel for WP

Its a dynamic plugin that slides a list of different WP posts. The plugin is triggered at the end of posts.

Key features are : 7 different styles, ability to hide default thumbnail, hide/show on different posts, responsive fluidic design, etc.

pop out

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Responsive Flip Book 

Flip book is a responsive fully jQuery and HTML driven plugin. No flash player is needed.

Its reponsiveness gives it the same look across all the platforms and devices.

flip book

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  • 200+ slide transitions
  • 13 skins
  • 3 navigation types
  • LayerSlider responsive demo slider
  • responsive full-width, full-sized
  • Skins PSD files included for easily creating your skin type.


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