3 Tips to Upgrade your Small Business with VoIP Solutions

If your small business deals with a lot of communicating overseas or outside of your local area, this can become costly using an old landline phone system. With the advancement of technology using VoIP phone systems can not only allow you to save money but offer you features that you just can’t get with any other system. In this article we will share 3 tips to upgrade your small business with VoIP solutions. 


1. Do Your Homework

First start out with making a list of everything you need for your business. If you need voice mail, call waiting, web conferencing, e-faxing, call routing or more, you want to ensure you can find a reliable and affordable vendor to host your services. You also want to make sure that the company has an excellent customer support service for when you may need them. You can compare prices and service packages by doing a search online or talking with other business associates who also use a VOIP solution. Some companies may even offer a 30 day trial period for you to test out various companies before deciding on which one suits your needs best.

2. Choose Your System and Service

There are a few different varieties you may opt to go with when deciding to upgrade to VoIP. These choices are:

  • IP Telephone Systems: this is the perfect solution for those businesses who have work at home employees or employees in offices all around the globe. This is a system that will provide an integrated system where everyone is connected and you can share documents, hold conference calls and online video training sessions, forward calls, voice mail and much more.
  • call center solutions: this is an application that offers a robust array of Automatic Call Distribution features for handling a call center environment. This is the perfect solution for those small businesses who are expanding and need to have a reliable service for their customer service team to make and receive a large volume of both inbound and outbound calls as well as maintain a database of information from these calls.

3. Choosing Cloud based applications or software installs 

Deciding to go with a cloud based phone system enables the not so techie small business owners to not worry about dealing with any issues that may arise when using a hard wired landline based operation for telecommunication. 

With most of the features and applications hosted on the vendors own server, the client needs to only choose a service package, follow a few simple installation instructions to do on their computers and they can sit back and enjoy the features that are provided to them. 


If you do not have phone equipment that is IP compatible, you can also purchase these business telephones from the company you choose to service with. If you are choosing a VoIP package that offers an adapter that connects from your computer to your regular phone, you may be fine with your existing business phone providing it has a noise cancelling headset and is a digital phone with the ability to complete call forwarding, holding, transferring or any other option that may be needed.

A system that requires you to install and run software right from your own computer system may be a little harder to get set up but may also allow you to have more control over certain aspects or features. If you are unsure of what service and system to go with even after your research, you may want to speak to a customer service representative so further details can be explained and understood. VoIP solutions can bring your business into the next generation for communications and make sure that you are always ahead of the curve.

Author : Stella is a tech savvy and a blogger, who writes articles related to hosted voip services.