A Secret Website To Know More Information about Train

You know at New Delhi, Indian railway maintains a very simple website to list train details for Old Delhi, New Delhi and Hazrat Nizamuddin railways stations.. The website is just a single page having only very few information sometimes it remains un-updated which makes a great confusion. To sort out this confusion ultimately we have to call 139 to get more and exact details.

It’s really a bit tedious job and we still don’t get the details we wants from it.

If you are standing on a platform and waiting for the train to come and suddenly you hear the announcement of change of platform of the train. You know well, how painful is that. There is a huge panic all over the platform.

So, there is a simple way to get information about the sudden change about train instantly.

The Secret Unnamed Website

There is a website on internet not having any name but hosted on The website is a bit slow and not pretty, you might think it any database website but can give you a bit of information that you can only get through calling at train stations.

It tells you the exact platform number of the arrival or depart of the train. The website updates it’s information instantly as the information get changed so, you will get the exact and trusted detail about any train.

The website is having the arrival and departure of train’s details for New Delhi Railway Station but not for OLD Delhi or Hazrat Nizamuddin railway stations but it will surely helps you to plan a little better. :)