Microsoft May Announce New Xbox At April Event

With the release of Sony’s popular PlayStation 4, gossips of Microsoft’s next Xbox have started. Numerous online magazines and domains are reporting Xbox event to take place in April 2013.

Microsoft’s next Xbox has code-named Durango is rumored to support 1080p 3D videos and will be equipped with 8GB RAM. Let us consider some internal specs of Xbox 720.

xbox 720

Xbox 720 Specs

The rumors of Durango suggests that new Xbox will be having a revision of AMD’s 7000 series Graphics in its console. It is based on 28nm Graphics Core Next(GCN). The two GPU’s are structured very differently and would work separately to draw different items to the screen simultaneously. All this actually sounds wooly to us but lets see what Microsoft has planned with its new Xbox.

These two GPU chips will be rendering with a different angle of screen to generate a better 3D effect. Well, this would possibly minimize the overall stress that 3D gaming push on Graphics card. Xbox’s GCN implements more microprocessors capable of carrying out more and more instructions simultaneously.

No doubt, with this AMD 7000 series graphics card Xbox will definitely stand in competition to Sony’s PS4. Both the Playstations contain the same quality of hardware so the difference will be in graphics, visual display and performance.


It is also in news that the new Xbox will have 16-core CPU which would certainly increase the performance of Duranto. Though its RAM will be double of PS4’s RAM but Xbox may lag behind in internal specs of Sony’s PS4.

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There are many speculations that the new Xbox may be called Xbox infinity. Microsoft bloggers says that it would be much smaller, cheaper and improved. Microsoft implemented Kinect hardware and software.

Other features:

It is rumored that Xbox 720 is packed with Blu-ray and DVR features. We think it as a good decision of Microsoft as Blu-ray can hold more amount of data. Like, a standard dual-layer Blu-ray disc can contain about 50 GB of data.

AMD powered Xbox 720 is also speculated to have DirectX 11 background.

Quick Specs:

Type – Game console

Internal memory -8GB HDD

CPU – Intel Pentium III -733 MHz



Media type DVD

Network – Fast Ethernet

Power consumption – 100Watt


Width – 12.6 inches

Depth – 10.2 inches

Height – 3.9 inches

Weight – 8.8 lbs

Resolution – 1920×1080

Price and Availability

There are news that new Xbox is expected to arrive just before the Christmas 2013. It has a release date of pre-Christmas 2013.

The leaked documents mentioned the price of Xbox 720 as $299 or £190.