Premium Rush 2012 Movie Synopsis, Trailer, Photos

Premium Rush 2012

Premium Rush is a Action based movie full of passion and energy. The movie is produced n direction of David Koepp. The movie is set to release at 24 August, 2012.

In this movie a bike messanger is having a white envelope which attracted the cop of city towards him and he rush all around the city to rescue from the cop and to reach it’s destination taking the envelope which is so much important to him.

The boy shows a lot of action and stunt while chasing police.  He played a lot with police, whole city police are behind him and he is still running on top speed without any fear.

Premium Rush 2012

Premium Rush Official Trailer in HD

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Director : David Koepp

Stars : Joseph, Gordon-Levitt, Micheal Shannon and Dania Ramirez.

Genre : Action and Thriller

Release Date 24 August, 2012