Shift WordPress blog from to self hosted WordPress

If you are using’s free hosted platform then you will find a lot of limitatons. First of all, you can’t get Google Adsense approval and cannot put any third party Advisements there.

They will be blocked by the So, it is a better choice to shift to self hosted blogging platform.

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Steps To Shift Blog From to Your Domain

Exporting Blog From WordPress.COM

  • Log-in to your’s blog.
  • Navigate to Tools -> Export from your admin’s dashboard
  • Save the .XML format file to your Computer. This file is having all the content including articles, comments, plugin configurations etc.

Importing Blog to Personal Domain

  • Log-in to your personal domain’s WordPress dashboard.
  • Navigate to Tools -> Import.
  • Click on WordPress and install the importer.
  • Now, activate the importer and through importer, upload your blog’s XML File. Organise their authors, categories.
  • All done here.

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Redirecting Visitors and Search Engines to new blog

When you shifted your web content from to public domain and delete that blog, search engines and human visitors will still land to your old site so to make them move to your new blog, you need to put a redirection so that the search engines and Humans will automatically gets redirected to your new blog.

For this, login to your domain registrar. Then change your domain’s DNS settings so that your public domain points to your servers.

Now from your’s dashboard navigate to Upgrades -> Domains, click on “Add Domains To Blog” and enter your personal domain’s URL here.

Now, click on “Map Domain“. Make sure the URL shouldn’t have www or trailing slashes.

Mapping your domain from WordPress.COM will costs you $10 per year.

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Image Credit : Labnol