The Adaptability Of Spy Glasses Cameras

When it comes to using covert camera devices, those that can be kept on the body can provide the user with an increased level of adaptability while maintaining control over the functionality.  Among the most effective body-worn camera tools is the spy glasses camera.

Night & Day

Spy glasses cameras can come in two basic models:

  • Clear glass eyeglasses
  • Sunglasses

Some clear glass models will come with sunglass attachments, making them more adaptable for day-to-night security operations.  Check if these attachments are part of the package when you are purchasing a pair of clear glasses.   This may be an add-on feature. 


One of the best things about body-worn cameras is that they stick with you.  They are part of a “uniform” and, like a neck-tie camera, can easily be incorporated into your every day wardrobe.  However, if you do not usually wear eyeglasses and are utilizing this tool around people who know you well or see you every day, this may attract attention and questions.  If you are trying to utilize the camera covertly, you should consider who your subject is. 

Wearing sunglasses indoors or at night can also draw attention which may make glasses that can convert from plain glass to shaded glass a good investment.  

On the Move

Eyeglasses are an exceptionally versatile recording tool which is why they are used extensively by sports enthusiasts.  The hands-free functionality makes them ideal for extreme sports fans, enabling them to record activities such as sky-diving from a true bird’s-eye-view.  This hands-free functionality also makes them ideal for surveillance.  The camera sees what you see, at your eye level.  The glasses are recording from a fixed point which avoids having to move the camera or to re-position it, two actions that can draw attention to the item and give away that it is a camera. 

Many glasses will be battery-powered and, if so, you should be mindful of how much footage can be captured in a single battery charge.  Your user’s manual and the item’s technical specifications should give you an indication of this.  Storage capacity will also vary from model to model.  Many will use a memory card for storage.  This may be something that you have to purchase separately and you may also be able to upgrade your storage capacity. 

spy glasses

Spy glasses can also be operated by a remote DVR device.  This can make for a slimmer, more discreet model of eyeglass, but does require an additional action.  When deciding on the type of battery and storage, think carefully about your needs and what sort of footage you are aiming to capture.  This can also determine whether you require HD video functionality or of a lower resolution image is sufficient.  All of these elements can impact on the price.

Keeping Your Cool 

When it comes to utilizing spyware such as camera glasses, it can make you very self-conscious about your actions, especially if you are not a security professional and have not used this type of equipment before.  Over-thinking your actions can draw attention to them.  The greatest benefit of spy glasses is that they can be seamlessly incorporated into your natural movement – walking, talking or driving.  If you are overtly aware of where the camera is pointing it can make you seem stiff or your movements less natural, once again drawing attention to you when the goal is to be convert and discrete.  

Before you utilize the glasses, wear them around your home and get used to how they feel and how they function.  The more natural you are then, then the more effective they will be.

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