The Perseid Meteor Shower on August 12, 2012

We know that space is holds so many surprises and wonder in its depth. Just a little change in the planetary motion can make a different news. These motions and positions also have some impact in one way or another in our lives.

Would you like witnessing any such motion or change just above your head. If you are among such people of adventures then you must witness the famous Perseid meteor shower in the morning hours of August 12, 2012. It just happens once in so many days. If you miss this thing, you will really something big.

Perseid Meteor Shower

You will watch a series of shooting stars just above your heads. You can also capture this view. You can see many planets in different positions. You can also watch Aldebaran(the red giant star) slightly below to the Jupiter.

On August 12, the crescent moon will place itself between the two planets Jupiter and the Venus. Crescent will take a position that is much close to the Venus but it will remain in between of the second planet and the fifth planet. NASA predicted that there will be more than hundred meteors across the sky in some hours and the view will be holistic. If you want to witness the best view of the meteor shower then try to watch them in the early hours of the dawn.

The Perseid meteor shower will be at peak about the midnight of August 12, 2012. It is visible in some areas of the United States. Some of the residents might miss this historic scene due to cloudy nights in their areas.

As the weather forecast reviles much of the east coast of America will have poor viewing conditions.South Dakota, many parts of Nebraska,North Dakota and also the southern parts of Gulf of Mexico will be covered with clouds. There is a good news for the people living in the west coast and in Texas,Ohio Valley Tennessee,Mississippiand the Rockies.

They are expected to have excellent weather conditions and they can have a very clear view of the Perseid meteor shower. If you are having any relative living in these areas then also you can witness this holistic view. You can also download NASA’s apps in your smartphones and can experience this event.